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Programme Entry and Admission Requirements

Study Requirements

You must prove your special aptitude to enrol for the master’s degree in business administration (see below). The application period for applying online for determination of your aptitude is June 01 until July 15 for the winter term.

Your special aptitude will be reviewed by a selection committee from the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics based on the documents you submit. Only the following criteria will be considered:

  • Bachelor's degree in an accredited business administration study programme with at least 180 credits upon completion
  • Bachelor thesis (min. 6 credits)
  • Final mark (min. average 2.4)
  • Knowledge of Business Administration (min. 60 credits)
  • Knowledge of Economics (min. 18 credits)
  • Knowledge of statistical methodology (min. 10 credits - without mathematics)

If you have not completed your bachelor programme yet, you must have earned at least 75% of the credits awarded for the entire bachelor’s study programme. You must provide proof of the required expertise when you apply. It is not possible to make up any lacking credits during the master’s degree in business administration at HHU. This information is subject to further changes. Only the information in the regulations on the determination of aptitude and any amendments thereof are decisive.

Application Procedure

Application Type: Aptitude test procedure

Anticipated Application Deadline: July 15

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