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Digital Transformation, Governance & Society

Companies operate in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment that is characterized by diverse economic, technological, legal and social changes. Such developments not only influence the business models of companies, but also the requirements for management, control and auditing of companies. The study focus Digital Transformation, Governance & Society summarizes the different facets of these dynamics, which are particularly visible in topics such as digital transformation, sustainability (reporting), entrepreneurship, data analytics & machine learning. Here, students can deal with precisely those (future) topics of corporate finance functions that they find particularly important and interesting for their own academic and / or professional perspectives.

The major can be combined with other majors, such as Financial Accounting, Audit, Taxation, Finance or Controlling, to obtain the study specialisation fact ' hhu.

The study specialisation Digital Transformation, Governance & Society provides students with an in-depth insight into the changes in corporate finance functions from the perspective of society as a whole and the resulting consequences for the management, control and auditing of companies. The focus of the program is to provide students with a broad range of technical and methodological competencies in order to be able to understand and classify the relevant current developments. In addition, it is important to understand the associated economic, legal and technical framework, which enables an application-oriented understanding of these future topics. In this way, students are comprehensively enabled to provide informed and critical support for future developments within the corporate finance function.

The major is aimed at students who are interested in the interface of digital transformation, corporate governance and overall social developments on the one hand and (financial) accounting, controlling, finance, taxation and/or auditing on the other. The content and methods taught are of interest for management positions in finance and accounting up to CFO) as well as generally in financial services companies such as banks or insurance companies, in tax consulting and auditing as well as management consulting, but also for performance tasks in public administration (e.g. ministries) as well as for prospective company founders.

  • MW42 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MW54 Empirical Controlling Research
  • MW55 Digital Science Technology
  • MW58 Sustainability Management Instruments & Theories
  • MW90 Digital Reporting & Data Science
  • MW107 Corporate Governance
  • MW111 Advanced Controlling 2: Management Control Systems
  • MW112 Corporate Valuation and Audit
  • MW113 FACT Foundations
  • MW114 Corporate Tax Law and International Corporate Taxation
  • MW115 Current Research Qquestions in Business Taxation
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