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Possible Specialisations Within the Master’s Study Program

Course Content and Focus Areas

The research-oriented study programme serves to deepen the skills acquired during the bachelor’s study programme. Students learn how to take an academic approach to analysing economic issues systematically and independently, to reach management decisions, and to organise and monitor their implementation responsibly.

Compact compulsory modules and extensive electives

Pursue your personal interests and set an individual study focus: the study programme is designed to enable you either to specialise or to train as a generalist. As a rule, it is possible to select two focus areas. You will generally need to complete elective modules (including voluntary additional modules) worth at least 32 credits for this (where applicable + master’s thesis).

Each module can only be used for one focus area. You are also able to select just one focus area or to keep your studies more general and to select your elective courses freely from the entire module catalogue to set your own study emphasis. The following focus areas in business administration can be selected, which will then be listed on your degree certificate. You can also choose from a number of focus areas in the fields of economics and econometrics. For more information, see the examining board website [LINK].

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