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The Master of Business Administration at HHU: More than you might think!

Highlights and Testimonials


The Master of Science in Business Administration at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf stands for excellent study quality, high internationality and research-based learning at a great location. In the regular curriculum and also beyond, the program offers many smaller and larger highlights. Here is a small selection:


Our graduates confirm: The M.Sc. in Business Administration at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf is a first-class choice!

Excellent Study Quality

"Extensive support from faculty and student council, a diverse range of courses and practical relevance are convincing! In addition, excellent individual support and a variety of guest lectures and company cooperations. A great master's program!"

Fabian M.

High Internationality

"The Montréal project took us to Canada for the world's oldest and largest case study competitionof its kind. The faculty greatly supports all kinds of activities abroad."

Hakan A.

Research-based Learning

"It is very exciting to be able to publish my own research in an international context while still a student."

Lisa Marie F.

Location Advantages

"In addition to the beautiful cityscape, the city of Düsseldorf also offers a wide range of job opportunities. I was able to work as a working student and combine theory with practical work experience."

Mirjam Z.

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