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Marketing generally refers to market-oriented management, which should focus on the long-term satisfaction of customer needs. The modules in this specialization emphasize this guiding principle from various, interdisciplinary perspectives and foster the understanding that marketing goes far beyond the classic sales function and is rather a management philosophy than a mere sales instrument. Students in this specialization acquire comprehensive knowledge how companies can realize sustainable competitive and efficiency advantages and act consistently market-oriented. Theoretical and practical aspects of marketing are taught, taking into account the role of the business as an entity that is embedded in socio-technical context.

The aim of this specialization is to enable students to become market-oriented managers who have a broad theoretical and methodological knowledge, can operate successfully in various, not only operational contexts and are scientifically connectable. Specifically, by taking the diverse courses in this specialization, students will be empowered to identify customer needs and successfully align the marketing management process to these needs, thereby generating long-term value for businesses and society.

This specialization in the field of marketing enables students to take market-oriented decisions and to work both as a manager in general management (generalist) and marketing management (specialist). Graduates have a wide range of opportunities in practice, be it in business-to-consumer companies such as retailers, in business-to-business companies such as software providers, in non-governmental organizations and public authorities, in management consultancies or in startups. Functionally, both strategy and corporate development departments, classical brand management, but also online marketing or key account management are possible.

  • MW36 Marketing Management und Digitale Transformation
  • MW37 Advanced Marketing Research und Management
  • MW38 Opportunity Recognition
  • MW39 Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • MW48 Case Study Competition "MBA-ICC Montréal"
  • MW58 Sustainability Management Instruments and Theories (only until Winter Term 2022/23)
  • MW59 Sustainability Management Practice
  • MW92 Marktpsychologie
  • MW123 Purchasing and Supply Management

Requirements: This minor requires the successful completion of module MW36 Marketing Management and Digital Transformation and MW37 Advanced Merketing Research and Management.

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