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In today's dynamic market environment, companies face a wide range of challenges. As a result of new trends or alternative new offerings from new ventures, even established market leaders run the risk of disappearing from the market over time or at least of massively losing market power. Targeted strategies that allow companies to reinvent themselves on a regular basis are the key to ensuring the long-term competitiveness of companies. As part of business management studies, students acquire insights and skills to identify and evaluate attractive business opportunities as well as to implement the corresponding strategies.

The aim of this specialization is to prepare students comprehensively for their professional tasks and challenges as entrepreneurial employees and, in the future, managers. Through a critical examination of concepts and examples from the business world, students are enabled to answer strategic business questions and to actively recognize and take advantage of opportunities. In addition, we want to instill an entrepreneurial mindset based on ethical values such as the responsible treatment of individuals and society as a whole in the spirit of sustainability.

The specialization in business management enables graduates to critically examine strategic issues in a complex corporate environment. This opens up a wide range of career opportunities for graduates, from strategy and corporate development departments to management consultancies and business development at a new venture. We prepare students for leadership and manager positions - both professionally through an understanding of the challenges of day-to-day business management and value-based through entrepreneurial thinking and high value standards such as societal responsibility and sustainability.

  • MW16 Human Resources Management
  • MW18 Organizational Behavior
  • MW36 Marketing Management und Digital Transformation
  • MW37 Advanced Marketing Research und Management
  • MW38 Opportunity Recognition
  • MW39 Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • MW48 Project Montréal
  • MW51 Practical Seminar on Start-Ups
  • MW58 Sustainability Management Instruments & Theories
  • MW94 People Analytics
  • MW95 International Human Resources Management
  • MW109 Strategies of Digital Top Players
  • MW110 Advanced Controlling 1: Strategisches Controlling
  • MW111 Advanced Controlling 2: Management Control Systems
  • MW112 Corporate Valuation and Audit
  • MW 123 Purchasing and Supply Management
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