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Human Resources Management

Employees are a key factor for the success of organizations. Therefore, in connection with the increasing globalization and digitization, the importance of human resources has moved further into the focus of business research and practice. The modules linked to this specialisation lead to a deeper understanding of key facets of human resources management by examining them from both scientific and practice-oriented perspectives. The specialisation in human resources management thus enables students to fully understand the key topics in human resources management and lays the foundation for a career in the respective professional fields.

The aim of this specialisation is to provide students with central and comprehensive knowledge of human resources management topics. Various strategic aspects of personnel management, but also important aspects of leadership as well as essential aspects of the behavior of individuals in organizations will be addressed. Furthermore, there is the possibility to specialize in themes of international human resources management and topics of occupational psychology or to deal with selected practice-oriented issues of human resources management. In addition, the fundamentals of labor law and empirical research in the field of human resources management can be acquired so that students are best prepared for both corporate practice in human resources management as well as for an academic career in this field.

Knowledge concerning the management and leadership of employees is central to both small and large as well as international operating companies. The specialisation prepares graduates for various positions in human resources management. It lays the foundations for a successful entry into functions such as recruiting, personnel controlling, corporate or personnel development. In addition, knowledge of leadership is relevant for all business and economics students in order to be able to successfully manage employees, teams, and also organizations in the course of their individual careers.

  • MW11 Business Psychology
  • MW16 Human Resources Management
  • MW18 Organizational Behavior
  • MW19 Practical Seminar on Human Resources Management
  • MW93 Practice of Human Resources Management
  • MW94 People Analytics (summer term)
  • MW95 International Human Resources Managemnt
  • MW96 Qualitative Management Research
  • MW99 Organizational Theory
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