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Financing the economic value generation process is a particular challenge for companies. A broad range of financing instruments is available on the public and private capital markets, from which managers have to select an individual financing mix. This requires targeted interactions with external capital providers. Hereby, financial intermediaries play a key role in bringing companies and investors together. In the Finance Major, these diverse perspectives of corporate financing are analyzed and discussed in depth. Within this specialization, students can set their own priorities and focus, for example, on banking/financial services, corporate finance or entrepreneurial finance.

The Finance major is targeted at students with a strong interest in finance-related topics. The breadth of the finance field is taken into account by offering a diverse range of courses on both public and private capital markets from three key perspectives: (1) the companies to be financed, (2) financial intermediaries and (3) investors. As a Finance Major, students will be able to understand complex relationships between corporate finance and the development of capital markets. Further, they will be qualified to evaluate different forms of financing and investments from the aforementioned perspectives.

The Finance major covers the essential subject-matter expertise required for a career in this field, right up to the position of CFO ("Chief Financial Officer"). It therefore offers a wide range of career prospects. Graduates acquire the necessary skills for a career in the finance sector of both publicly listed and privately held companies. In addition, the degree provides the necessary qualification for a career at financial intermediaries, e.g., at banks and insurance companies. The Finance major can be supplemented with additional elective modules from the subject area "Accounting, Controlling, and Taxation".

  • MW08 International Financial Markets
  • MW14 Monetary Economics
  • MW42 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MW43 Entrepreneurial Finance Research & Practice
  • MW44 Bank Accounting
  • MW46 Financial Intermediation
  • MW47 Bank Management and Financial Services
  • MW48 Project Montréal
  • MW56 Asset Management
  • MW87 Macroeconomics
  • MW97 Practical Seminar Start-Up Financing
  • MW98 Research Seminar in Entrepreneurial Finance
  • MW108 Advanced Corporate Finance 
  • MW112 Corporate Valuation and Audit
  • MW113 FACT Foundations
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