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Young companies face the challenge of establishing themselves on the market and gaining competitive advantage in rivalry with existing firms. Hereby innovative startups face particular challenges. Entrepreneurs are tasked with designing customer-oriented business models and must acquire the necessary financial and non-financial resources to implement them. Within the Entrepreneurship major, the start-up development process is analyzed in-depth, from the entrepreneurial opportunity stage all the way through establishment on the market. This specialization is characterized by both practice- and research-oriented modules. These provide our students with the opportunity to slip into the role of founding teams and startup investors and to develop real and original business ideas and to evaluate these from an investor's point of view.

The objective of this specialization is to enable students to identify or create entrepreneurial opportunities and to then evaluate and implement them. Through a comprehensive range of courses, students are prepared for the diverse challenges of starting a business. Students are given the opportunity to internalize entrepreneurial decision-making processes and to adopt the perspectives of various actors within the entrepreneurial ecosystem: These include the founding team, external investors, and established companies that promote entrepreneurial thinking within their organization through corporate entrepreneurship.

A major in Entrepreneurship offers a wide range of career prospects and transferrable skills. It prepares students to launch their own business. Further, due to the focus on entrepreneurial mindsets, the content is also relevant for students who aspire to careers in existing startups or in small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, students have the choice of joining startup-related service companies such as venture capital firms, management consulting organizations, or even directly in startup support (e.g., incubators and accelerators).

  • MW38 Opportunity Recognition
  • MW39 Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • MW42 Entrepreneurial Finance 
  • MW43 Entrepreneurial Finance Research & Practice (discontinued)
  • MW51 Practical Seminar on Business Start-Up
  • MW97 Practical Seminar Start-Up Financing
  • MW98 Research Seminar in Entrepreneurial Finance
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