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Business, Environment & Society

Companies and managers are central actors in society and they interact with multiple internal and external stakeholders. The modules in this specialization emphasize these relationships from various perspectives and thus focus the role as well as the influence of companies and entrepreneurs on environment and society - and vice versa. This will be done with an intradisiplinary perspective which focusses various economic and functional areas. Within the specialization, students can set their own priorities and chose different tracks.

This specialization enables students to understand and manage companies as actors in society. Students will develop holistic managerial know-how and competencies with societal mega trends such as globalization, climate change, migration, and digitalization in mind. With these skills, graduates will contribute to advance the sustainable development of companies and societyand thereby also to reduce costs and risks, increase reputation and legitimacy, generate competitive advantages in companies.

Knowledge on the role of companies and entrepreneurs in society as well as responsible and sustainable management copetencies can be used flexibly in various contexts. Future business leaders are expexted to responsibly manage companies and contribute to the discussion about overarching social challenges. The knowledge is also useful to assess company behavior from an external perspective. Students graduating with this specialization thus have multiple options to work in companies, governmental bodies, consultancies, non-governmental organizations or as self-employed entrepreneurs.

  • MW18 Organizational Behavior
  • MW37 Advances Marketing Research and Management (course 3 + one additional course)
  • MW48 Projekt Montréal 
  • MW51 Practical Seminar on Business Start-Up (capacity constraint)
  • MW57 Sustainability Management Research
  • MW58 Sustainability Management Instruments & Theories (only until winter term 2022/2023)
  • MW59 Sustainability Management Practice
  • MW75 Economic Policy Advice
  • MW99 Organisational Theory
  • MW107 Corporate Governance
  • MW109 Strategies of Digital Top Players
  • MW111 Advanced Controlling 2: Management Control Systems
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